Wilko Sized Trip Reports

Some of the Dutch trip reports that I have written over the years.
Trip to North Sea surf at Noordwijk, Netherlands. Dutch language 1st '97 Trip Report
Queen's day, paddling on the Dommel river in the Netherlands, easy touring trip with lots of carnage. Dutch language 4th '97 Trip Report
A weekend of North Sea surfing at the sea-side town of Katzand. Dutch language 6th '97 Trip Report
Trip on the Dutch El Rio Grande, paddling in a theme park, Netherlands. 4th '98 Trip Report
"Looping" on the Dommel river, near Valkenswaard, Netherlands. 6th '98 Trip Report
Paddling in the North Sea surf near Katzand, Netherlands. 8th '98 Trip Report
Bad playing at the Venbergse Watermill, Dommel river, Netherlands. 11th '98 Trip Report
"Blind dates" (AKA meet a U.S. RBP'er) trip report, no paddling! 3rd '99 Trip Report

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