Open palm mitten pictures.

This much they show with your hand open.
With a closed fist, they keep most of the water out.
Holding onto a paddle, but a few drops manage to get in, even though you stay in touch with your paddle
As can be seen from above, it's not much different from pogies. Except, these mittens you don't lose when your paddle gets lost during a swim!
It pretty much encapsulates the shaft.
Most of your hand touches the paddle shaft with bare skin.
Wriggling a finger out is really easy.
Just one...
...or all of them at once.
The pre-bent mitten makes it easier to hold onto your paddle, because you don't have top fight the mitten trying to straighten itself out all the time.
I didn't have an extra camera nearby, but you can touch it barehand before tucking the camera and your fingers after the shot.


Copyright 2006 by Wilko van den Bergh