Hall of Shame, part two.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay. Click on the thumbnail pictures for larger resolution pictures.


Here my German paddling buddy Andreas Zimmer and his daughter Lena try out my Topo-Duo! The funny thing about Andreas is that for some reason, when he concentrates on the water, his tongue comes out. It still surprises me that Andreas has never bitten in his tongue while paddling...

Domino effect on the Erft river, Germany, summer 2001. Niels and his girlfriend Martine are showing what happens when you line up five paddlers and enter a hole sideways. The other paddlers are (from left to right: Steven de Rooij, Christian Stommel and Stephan Krings.
Near the Inn river, Summer 2000. That's Christian's yellow Eskimo Gattino, that Mark just "parked" in that puddle when Christian didn't watch...
Summer 2000, the Brandenberger Ache, just before the town of Brandenberg, we took out. Here Mark, ehm, "helps", Niels get out of his boat...
Easter 1995, Issteiner rapids, the Rhine river, Germany. Rosan Blijlevens shows how not to get into her boat (she's hanging between her boat and the shore, barely dipping her behind in the cold water, hoping that no-one noticed...)
Queen's day 1997, Marlies Terlouw was paddling a flat-topped Perception Reflex, and as with any flat top, that's just an invitation to have something land on your deck. Two paddlers, in this case... Marc Kurver on the left, me on the right. The river is the Dommel, one of the few streams with moving water in the Netherlands that some paddlers are still allowed to paddle on.
Around Christmas 1994, on the Warche creek, Belgium. I didn't have any roll nor brace yet, and those two days I flipped (and swam) eight times. I took the lead in the club swimming poll, having swam 32 times since I started paddling in September 1994. I would finally beat all competition and break the club swim record, over 100 flips and over 60 swims within 9 months. How much has changed since... :-)
Autumn 1996, Erft river, Germany. A favourite game called "king of the hole" was played here, often with no holds barred, resulting in interesting rescue situations. (many people manage to forget all about rolling after they are held under in a hole :-))
Autumn 1994, Lesse River, Belgium. We were only one bend in the river away before all hell broke loose: several paddlers managed to get stuck against this partly submerged strainer, I only got pictures of these two, but all in all five paddlers got stuck sideways on that one strainer.
Easter 1995, Ill river, France. And then the river suddenly stopped... spring floods had deposited piles of wood in several spots, creating wood-sieves in several spots. We were very surprised, but tried to get through/over the contraptions as well as we could.
Early 2002, Rur river, Germany. During a newbie trip on a swollen river, this T-Canyon abandoned it's paddler. It won't see another river anymore. I managed to get it from the tree it wrapped around, but unfortunately I was already too late...

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