Paddling in Greece

Some pictures of the three week paddling trip that we made through Greece in the spring of 2001.

The entire story can be read in the long trip report that I wrote about that trip.

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This is a nice example of Greek roads. This one ended in the flooded Erymantos river, so we had to turn around. That sounds easier than it turned out to be.

The middle part of the Erymanthos is so narrow in places that you are worried that your paddle can get stuck sideways. It's also very deep and fast flowing, with gravelly rock that is difficult to get a hold on.

This is a nice example of how undercut the Erymanthos' shores are.

On the road out of the Erymanthos we noticed wild orange trees, so Niels embarked on an orange gathering expedition, for which he had to reach up a little more than he could without help. They tasted delicious!

The Lousios was a lovely clear little creek, always moving and surprising. The fantastic scenery and the sun peeking through the tree top cover was creating a magic atmosphere.

And then suddenly there was the Alfios, multiplying the volume of the new river and changing the clear creekwater into a murky greyish brown mass of water.

Here Mark is coming down the rapid on the Alfios that will flip Niels only moments later

At the only class IV rapid on the Alfios, Niels did some deep river exploring, but eventually he did roll up!

Again, the incredible scenery (alongside the Alfios) didn't fail to amaze us.

As we noticed on most rivers, many of the bridges were hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old, and often they were still in use. This one is high above the Alfios river.

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