Wilko's Picture Galleries

Most of the pictures here I have taken during paddling trips. Some have been given to me by friends. I've tried to sort most of the pictures by river or area, although some, like the "friends" gallery for instance, have a different theme... Click on the thumbnail pictures to access the different galleries.


Me on white water gallery. Several galleries with pictures of me paddling in all kinds of countries across Europe, as well as in the U.S.A..
The "Hall of Shame" galleries.

Expect a number of previously unpublished embarrassing pictures with a cast of a fair number of RBP regulars.

Friends galleries. I met many of the people shown in these pictures via the Rec.Boats.Paddle newsgroup or Boatertalk.com. Some have become very close friends.

Paddling in Greece, several picture galleries. Pictures of our two trips in Greece in the spring of 2001 and the spring of 2003.
Winter paddling pictures, gallery one.
Winter paddling pictures, gallery two.
Winter paddling pictures, gallery three.
Slovenia and Austria paddling pictures.
Czech republic paddling pictures.
River signals gallery. Signals like we use them on the river. This list is far from complete, but I need some more time to draw the rest of the pictures...
Niels' picture gallery. Being one of my regular paddling buddies and being crazy enough to accompany me on most of my trips, Niels also finds himself on the wrong side of my camera regularly. However, he got his own waterproof camera recently...
Niels' pictures, gallery two. Another bunch of pictures where he shows some of the more interesting sides to him.
Assorted pictures gallery... Anything that doesn't quite fit any of the other galleries goes in here.
Turtle related galleries. Mostly small, low quality pictures, intended to get some impression of their housing.


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Note: All of these pictures are copyrighted, most by me, but some by others.
So please don't use them without permission.