Gallery 37: Hall of Shame, part eight.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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Me fighting to cut the steel cable locking our boats to the roof of my car. I left the keys at home... 1000km away!
Martin showing his usual style of dressing for paddling trips.
Martin coming down the "Toboggan" rapid on the Kamenice... Backwards!
Martin picking the coldest possible spot within visible range to change, near the Kamenice.
April 2004. Klara having had a little visit to the fish on the Koritnica.
April 2004. Cornelis showing how not to get out of your boat, upper Soca river.
Winter 2004. Ralph showing how not to pass under a strainer.
Summer 2003. Cornelis having an in-depth inspection of an undercut on the Soca river, Slovenia.
Lada's Perception Java after hitting a rock (summer 2006).
Martin visiting the fish on the Gail (summer 2006).
Vojta in action on the Sava Bohinka (summer 2006).
Honza and Ondra looking at the carnage which was happening under Czech Rock. Martin and Petr both ended up under Czech Rock on the Sava Bohinka. Both of them having to swim out of the undercut (summer 2006).
Petr Zabka, trying to find his paddle after flusing under Czech Rock and having to swim out of the undercut(summer 2006). At least he allowed me to anchor him to my throwline, so that he wouldn't end up under the rock a second time.
Petr Zabka, handpaddling on the Sava Bohinka, after losing his paddle at Czech Rock(summer 2006). Good thing for him that I had brought my handpaddles.
A Slovenian paddling buddy emptying his boat after a swim (summer 2006).
The same Slovenian paddling buddy emptying his boat after another swim (summer 2006).
Stefan, another Slovenian paddling buddy trying to catch his boat after a swim, with Klara overtaking him (summer 2006).


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