Gallery 32: Hall of Shame, part seven.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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Klara being carried away from the Soca river, Slovenia.

Maarten Holdrinet getting intimate with a rock on the Soca river, Slovenia.

Maarten climbing up on the rock.

Maarten finding another attractive rock on the Soca river, Slovenia.

Sometimes you want to catch one eddy too many... Me getting stuck against a rock on the Onde river, France, June 2002.
Just downstream of that spot, from a different angle, just as I'm going over the next drop, about to flip. The consensus sound on shore was "Ouch!"
Same incident. Me setting up for the next moves, by landing sideways in between two rocks...
Me doing a not so elegant move, losing some skin of my knuckles before landing upside down in a big hole.
Greece was the place of my most recent swim. While trying to boof this strainer, I backlooped and managed to get stuck upside-down under it. This picture is taken just after I bailed out. Voidomatis river, Greece, 2003.
At least I managed to swim to shore and then rescue my own boat. Voidomatis river, Greece, 2003.
Here's how visiting Canadian boaters transported six boats on a rental car without roofrack, Slovenia 2003.
Martin showing how to empty a kayak, Slovenia 2003.
Martin going for a swim, Slovenia 2003.
Marian going for a swim, after a hole on the Soca played with him a bit too long. Slovenia 2003.


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