Gallery 30: Hall of Shame, part six.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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Ondra having a not so perfect line (he hurt his elbow after flipping shortly afterwards).

Carsten getting in trouble, being stuffed against some rocks, between his boat, paddle and rock. Here Peter is just pulling him up out of trouble.

Carsten swimming across the Agrofiotis, joining his kayak... conveniently forgetting his paddle on the opposite side of the river (Thanks Klara!).

Peter and Ondra at mid morning ballet training....

About to go paddling...

Carsten parking his boat on a rock, mid-rapid, on the Krikellopotamos.

Peter having some difficulty rolling up, bumping into some stuff under water. He made it the third try though.

Carsten found another parking spot on the Krikellopotamos.

Peter, trying to boof but falling off this boulder sideways into the eddy below.

Martin visiting the fish on the Krikellopotamos (in between Klara and Ondra).

Martin showing the result of him fighting with his paddle, after missing a handroll.

Ondra getting stuck on the Acheron.


Copyright 2006 by Wilko van den Bergh

Note: All of these pictures are copyrighted, most by me, but some by others.
So please don't use them without permission.