Gallery 28: Hall of Shame, part five.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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Pool session, several years ago. Cornelis is holding his breath untill I can take a picture of him hanging upside-down.
Autumn 2002, Soca river, Slovenia. Cornelis tried to follow Steven and me through this gap. The strange currents in the gap require you to keep your boat edged up correctly. Cornelis shows how not to edge up.
Petr giving handrolling a try. Here he's hanging upside down, trying to climb on Steven's bow. Normally he has a good roll though.
Me standing in the Koritnica, May 2003. Not everything is what it seems, though. I'm about to retrieve an old German's camera tripod (his leg can just be seen in the top left corner). He had dropped it in the creek, and couldn't reach it any more.
Cornelis in the Soca under the bridge near Kobarid. His first handrolling attempt failed miserably. He redeemed himself shortly afterwards, rolling up almost effortlessly.
May 2003, Soca. I'm towing a Canadian padller's boat back to her side of the river.
Ondra unintentionally showing off his pawlata roll, with Peter rushing towards him to assist in case of a swim.

Carsten showing a "Berzayhoolaak" (phonetical spelling, Wilko style :-) ), which is a Czech term meaning that you messed up close to shore, such as falling out of your boat while entering or exiting your boat.

Peter trying to control his tree hugging instincts...

Another one of Peter's tree hugging attempts. I actually swam while trying to boof this strainer...

Martin getting stuck just after a small drop.

Carsten swimming.

Carsten signalling for the taxi across the current.

Martin playing taxi, Peter standing ready with a throwline.


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