Paddling in Greece

Some pictures of our two week paddling trip in Greece in the spring of 2003.

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Martin running a rapid on the Krikellopotamos really close to some rocks. Peter looks on from shore.

Peter having some difficulty rolling up, bumping into some stuff under water. He made it the third try though.

Carsten found another parking spot on the Krikellopotamos.

Peter running a short rapid just upstream of the one shown below.

Peter and I ran this rapid, but both with different lines. He decided to run this line, coming to a complete stop, turning sideways...

...and then falling off the boulder sideways into the eddy below. His second try was a lot better, and he aced the line then.

Another one of the beautiful gorges on the Krikellopotamos.

Although it was getting too dark to take good pictures, I still took this one because it shows the waterfalls cascading into the gorge, falling onto the boats. Bad picture, great atmosphere.


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