Paddling in Greece

Some pictures of our two week paddling trip in Greece in the spring of 2003.

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Carsten getting in trouble, being stuffed against some rocks, between his boat, paddle and rock. Here Peter is just pulling him up out of trouble.

Carsten swimming across the Agrofiotis, joining his kayak... conveniently forgetting his paddle on the opposite side of the river (Thanks Klara!).

Martin paddling through this beautiful little gorge on the Agrofiotis, with small waterfalls cascading down the moss-overgrown sides.

Our campsite on a small hill near the Tavropos river (can you find the green tents in this picture?).

Peter and Ondra at mid morning ballet training....

Martin showing one of the many interesting geological structures that can be found in the many gorges of the Krikellopotamos.

Me running a rapid on the Krikellopotamos.

Me on a small technical rapid on the Krikellopotamos. The beautiful gorges do have one major disadvantage for taking pictures : not much light and lots of shadows.

Carsten parking his boat on a rock, mid-rapid, on the Krikellopotamos.

Klara running one of the class IV rapids on the Krikellopotamos.

Klara lower down on the same rapid.

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