Paddling in Greece

Some pictures of our two week paddling trip in Greece in the spring of 2003.

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Aliakmon river: Bob taking an easy line away from the big pourover hole in the middle.

Bob got a little swimming visitor on the Aliakmon, a toad.

Bob giving us live music in the morning. Notice the contrast between Bob's clothing and Carsten's (sitting with cap) outfit.

Peter helping Bob get out just before a strainer.

This beautiful view drew our attention on the way back from the Kamneticos take out to the campground at the put-in.

We ran into a bunch of cows during our driving around the Kamneticos.

The quality of the roads in Greece can really go down the hill.

The rocks on the asphalt mean that there is nothing supporting the tarmac beyond those rocks....

Talking about strainers.... Martin on the upper stretch of the Kamneticos.

After I stopped to give these cows room to pass, Martin overtook me at high speed.

Luckily we had spotted that extremely low "bridge" across the Agrafiotis river before putting on. Looks like a local shepherd uses that for his goats or sheep.


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