Paddling in Greece

Some pictures of our two week paddling trip in Greece in the spring of 2003.

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This beautiful scenery greeted us when we made our way towards the first river.

The path down to the Voidomatis river is steep, full of sharp gravel and takes at least half an hour. We were lucky not to have warm weather that day.

One of the narrower passages on the Voidomatis. The few more difficult rapids can be easily boat scouted. They usually have only one or two blind corners.

Carsten coming down another rapid on the Voidomatis.

Ondra unintentionally showing off his pawlata roll, with Peter rushing towards him to assist in case of a swim.

Carsten showing a "Berzayhoolaak" (phonetical spelling, Wilko style :-) ), which is a Czech term meaning that you messed up close to shore, such as falling out of your boat while entering or exiting your boat.

Peter trying to control his tree hugging instincts...

Another one of Peter's tree hugging attempts. I actually swam while trying to boof this strainer...

Our boats enjoying a well deserved rest

A Greek dinner in a roadside restaurant. I'm still amazed at the ability to order anything edible from people who didn't speak a word of any language we understood. (And with four nationalities in one group, that's a bunch of languages!)

A little Greek village near the Mileapotamos, where we tried to find out where we were on the map in the guidebook.

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