Gallery 5: Hall of Shame, part four.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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June 2002, Guisane river, France. Klara getting ready to do some interesting bottom bracing and rock hugging.
June 2002, at the take out of the lower Guisane river, France. Klara showing what state her paddle was in when we reached the end of that stretch.
June 2002, Onde river, France. Honza getting stuffed under a root system of a tree, where he luckily could hold on untill I could cross the river and pull him out. He scared the living daylights out of us by doing that.
June 2002, Durance river, France. Martine showing what she thought of being airborne for a moment. Notice her wide open mouth!
June 2002, Durance river, France. Petr flipping just before the nasty undercut on river right, in the rapid under the railroad bridge just before the town of Embrun.
June 2002, Durance river, France. Martin taking a little "bath" in the big eddy next to the Rabioux hole on the Durance.
June 2002, Guisane river, France. Ondra demonstrating how to park your boat against a rock, after taking a swim in the beginning of the Forest Gorge on the lower Guisane. Martin and Honza looking on from shore.
June 2002, Guil river, France. Petr getting stuck in a nice pourover hole in what is left of the former "Labyrinth"rapid on the middle Guil. Missing an eddy upstream, then ignoring all my signalling to move to river left, he headed straight for me in my eddy. The hole just happened to be right between me and him. All I could do was smile and grab my camera.
June 2002, Vltava river, Czech Republic. Honza doing some strokes next to his paddle.
May 2002, Luznice creek, Czech Republic. Tree wrestling and mud portaging around a bazillion strainers, dodging mosquitos all the time.
May 2002, Luznice creek, Czech Republic. Martin doing an interesting rodeo move while trying to boof a strainer. The end result was that he backflipped, floating under the tree stern-first, having to swim out.
July 2002, Erft river, Germany. Nigel visiting the fish. I had managed to avoid this scenario by offering Nigel the bow of my boat a bunch of times, but this time I was just too late.
July 2002, Erft river, Germany. There are many ways to (ab-)use a TopoDuo, but this was the first time I went into a hole with one while carrying five paddlers.
July 2002, Erft river, Germany. Of course, keeping your balance can be a little tricky...
July 2000, North branch of the Potomac river, U.S.A. Jill Kirkpatrick showing how not to negotiate a hole.
July 2000, North branch of the Potomac river, U.S.A.. Another nice shot of Jill, this time in an even bigger hole.
Autumn 2002. Robert Scott showing how to move the footbrace of my Salto.
Autumn 2002. Klara somehow managing to get her brand new boat stuck upside-down on a partly submerged rock. Peter helps her up.
Winter 2002/2003, Irrel Waterfalls, Germany. This is Steven showing how not to navigate this rapid. Picture by Niels van den Broek.
March 2003, Rur river, Germany. Peter showing how to paddle upriver on this drop...

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