Gallery 4: Hall of Shame, part three.

Not all of the embarrassment can be obvious from the pictures themselves, unless you know the story in the background... Some of the pictures show very dangerous situations which just happened to turn out okay.

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Spring 2002, Ondra uses a very interesting technique to hold his paddle while putting on his spraydeck...

Spring 2002, This picture was taken at the beginning of Petra's very nasty swim, before things turned really ugly. She got stuck below this small weir on the Labe river, swimming out of her boat and getting recirculated many times.... It was a very close call.

The entire story of this carnage filled day can be found here.

The same weir as above, now with very little water in the winter of 2002.
Spring 2002, After getting pummeled at the bottom of a pretty difficult drop on the Labe River, Tomas bailed out, getting recirculated several times, during which he lost his helmet and damaged this pretty new Pyranha Sub 7 test boat pretty badly. The trip report of this trip can be found here.
Spring 2002, Klara getting stuck against this rock at the top of this rapid in a gorge on Kamenice creek, Czech republic... It looks funny, but she got loose almost immediately after I took this picture.
Spring 2002, Rick Spaan during a very surprising swim on the class 1 Erft river in Germany. Rick's a pretty good boater, and this little incident surprised me big time... Of course I had my camera close by.
Winter 2002, We spent some time having fun with this open boater on the Erft, I forgot his name.
Winter 2002, Mumlava creek, Czech Republic. Klara sinking waist deep in the snow, at the put in to the creek.
Winter 2002, Mumlava creek, Czech Republic. Honza manages to get his paddle stuck under water, in one of the first rapids on the Mumlava.
Winter 2002, Mumlava creek, Czech Republic. And here he's retrieved it, after a very cold swim! :-)
Winter 2002, Jizera creek, Czech Republic. Uh oh, Honza does it again! He managed to wedge his paddle under a rock somewhere once more, resulting in a swim.
Winter 2002, Jizera creek, Czech Republic. Honza wading to shore, just below the "Island Of Horror" rapid.

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