Paddling in Greece, gallery four

Some more pictures of the three week paddling trip that we made all over Greece in the spring of 2001, this page has some pictures of the Voidomatis, Kallaritikos and Arachtos rivers.

The entire story can be read in the long trip report that I wrote about that trip.

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Vlasta on the Voidomatis.

Petr coming down a rapid on the Voidomatis.

The lower Voidomatis might not be challenging from a white water perspective, but its wonderful scenery makes up for that.

The Kalaritikos is a small stream in a narrow canyon, with some interesting rapids.

The change from the small stream of the Kallaritikos to the big volume Arachtos is quite impressive.

The gorge of the Arachtos is very beautiful.

One of the few class IV rapids on the Voidomatis that most of us got out and scouted.

Here Marc tries to take a picture of me, as I'm taking one of him, in a cave on the Arachtos.

Honza paddling out of the same cave on the Arachtos.

Klara getting a shower under one of the waterfalls in the Arachtos gorge. The deep drumming sound of the water falling on the boats reverberated throughout the entire gorge.

The gorge of the Arachtos is very beautiful.

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