Paddling in Greece, gallery three

Some more pictures of the three week paddling trip that we made all over Greece in the spring of 2001, this page has some pictures of the Aliakmon and Voidomatis rivers.

The entire story can be read in the long trip report that I wrote about that trip.

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You never know what you might run into on Greek roads (or rivers for that matter). In this case, it was a herd of horses and mules.

The trip up over the mountains to Northern Greece gave us some amazing scenery. Here, just before it's getting dark, Niels and Mark try to quickly take some pictures from a mountain pass, overlooking the valley beyond.

The Aliakmon gave us the only class V rapid of the trip. It was a big volume rapid, with some amazing holes. Mark and I ran it, starting on river left, moving towards river right. Here Mark just leaves the eddy, going towards the first drop (a set of two big holes).

This is the second big rapid in the red gorge of the Aliakmon, a class IV. Petr, Mark and I ran it, with Petr flipping at the bottom, and me flipping twice, every time in a hole. In retrospect, the river right line wasn't the easiest... :-)

Petr comes down the rapid mentioned above. He's on the left side of the picture, close to shore. He did well untill he hit a pour-over hole at the bottom of the rapid, where he flipped. He rolled up though.

The put in of the Voidomatis is definately one of the longest of that entire three week trip. It's a long walk down a winding gravel path, where everyone's feet hurt because of the sharp rocks, and where the sun burned the life out of us.

One look at the clear water of the natural springs, sitting in the cool shadows under the ancient trees and feeling the cold water on your feet would make you forget the long walk down.

Mark comes down one of the first rapids of the Voidomatis. This is definately one of the most beautiful runs of the entire Greek trip. Clear blue water, fantastic scenery, and interesting rapids (a constant flow of class III, III and IV rapids).

Vlasta was rather impressed by all this water flowing down, but he managed to make it down upright in most of the rapids on the Voidomatis.

The sun was filtered through the overhanging trees, and the clear spring water was cold, so it was easy to prevent a heat stroke in the soaring midday sun. Klara comes down a rapid on the Voidomatis.

Petr makes it down one of the more challenging class IV rapids on the Voidomatis. Most of the water went straight into a boulder in the middle of the river, creating a diagonal hole very close to the boulder. An easy sneak was provided to the left, but some of us ran the right line, which resulted in some interesting swims.

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