Paddling in Greece, gallery two

Some more pictures of the three week paddling trip that we made all over Greece in the spring of 2001.

The entire story can be read in the long trip report that I wrote about that trip.

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After paddling a couple of rivers on the southern Pelloponnesos peninsula, we crossed the Gulf of Patras and went looking for water in the North of Greece. Getting on the ramshackle ferry was an interesting display of all-out chaos, as well as a display of shoehorning everything in place so tight that it was virtually impossible to open any car door.

The Mornos lake is another example of the bad scars that man can leave behind in the landscape. Not only are the barren shores plain ugly, the ruins of buildings stuck out above the water level in several places, and the dam was also a nice example of how bad the horizon pollution can be if man really tries.

It was quite a quest to find the put in of the Mornos river, and we drove over some very steep and bad gravel roads during that trip.

The Mornos river had some interesting surprises in store, including this landslide, in which I temporarily got pinned against strainers twice.

And then you think that you've seen everything: a whole herd of half-wild cattle crossed the Mornos river several times, often rather close for comfort, in front of us.

Greek roads are often very bad, sometimes with streams flowing down over the gravel. That night we would get stuck on an even worse path on a mountain pass.

This rather new bridge shows what happens when the spring floods come along. The creek itself was unfortunately too low, even though it rained pretty hard that day.

This rapid on the Sandoroporo shows how little water there was, as Niels is more rock-hopping down it than anything else.

It did get better when the Sandoroporo flowed together with the Tavropos, but even then there were few rapids where we actually went out of our boats to scout (strainers abound, but nothing above class IV). Niels is coming down one of the few class IV drops on the Tavropos.

The drops and rapids were often fast and narrow, requiring quick manouvering. Here Mark comes over one of those fun but narrow drops.

Niels had to get out of the car to take a picture, but for some wierd reason he had to keep his rain pants on (albeit dangling around his knees...)

The weather got worse, and after a bad drive up to a mountain pass, we even got snow.

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