Pictures of me with friends, gallery 3

Most of the pictures here I have taken during paddling trips. Some have been given to me by friends.


Group picture in Greece, spring 2003. Left to right, standing: Ondra, Martin, Simon, Klara, me. Sitting: Carsten, Bob, Peter.

Group picture in Slovenia, autumn 2002. Left to right, standing: Itso, Karel, me, Steven, Cornelis. Lying: Martin.

Winter 2004. Group picture at the Lesse, Belgium. Left to right: Me, Michael, Carsten, Ralph, Nigel, unknown to me friend of Carsten.
March 2004. The Felicia roofrack can also hold five playboats. Left to right: Me, Klara, Martin and Vojta.
May 2004. Klara, Cornelis and me acting normally at a Soca put in.
May 2003. Klara and me with a group of Canadian paddlers that we took down the Soca.
May 2005. Standing: Nikos, me, Guido, Lada and Honza, Nikos Mavris, sitting: Martin, Karel. Near the take out of the Mileopotamos in Greece. Picture by Nikos Mavris
Talking to Arjan and a Belgian paddler at the take out of the Rur, just after Monschau. Picture by Rolph Heesakkers.
Teaching the beginners group from Euros student paddling club, Slovenia 2008
Dinner in Bovec, with several new friends. Left to right: Karl-Heinz, Bruni, Klara, Maja, Tina, me, Marco


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