Trip Reports written by friends.

Most of these trip reports are about paddling and non-paddling trips that I was on, and some are about trips or trip reports that influenced me.

Wilko van den Bergh

Ralph Eikelenberg wrote this trip report about paddling the German river Rur in the winter of 2003.

Ralph's trip report
Robert Scott wrote this trip report about paddling with us in Germany in the winter of 2002/2003.

Robert's trip report
Cornelis Klomp wrote this three part trip report about paddling with me in Austria, in the summer 1998. He called it "Fishing with Wilko"... Gee, I wonder why? ;-)

(I copied and pasted all three parts in one document)

Fishing with Wilko
Cornelis also wrote this Dutch language trip report after having run the river Rur (Germany) at flood stage with me, in November 1998. It mirrors my "Ten Little Indians" trip, ehm carnage, report.

Hoogwater op de Rur
Cornelis wrote this Dutch language trip report about our week long trip to the Verdon and Var rivers (France, 1997).

Verdon and Var rivers
Eric Princen wrote this non-paddling "trip report" after meeting him in the Netherlands in 1998. Eric and I had intended to meet in Colorado the next year, during my planned U.S. trip with Scott Bristow. As it turned out, we met before that time, at the memorial weekend in December 1998, after Scott's death. Nice day with Wilko
Court Ogilvie, a U.S. open boater that I took on a trip in the Belgian Ardennes, wrote this "Decked by Wilko" trip report. It gives an interesting additional viewpoint to the description that I gave of that trip in my trip report "How an open boater kayaks."(Belgium, 1999).

Decked by Wilko
Julie Keller wrote this trip report after we went to have a look at the Nantahala Cascades during my U.S. trip in April 1999. Because of Julie's intervention I got invited by two locals to run it. Julie happily shot some pictures. It turned out to be a lucky opportunity, as this section of river hardly ever has enough water.

Nathahala Cascades
Niels van den Broek wrote this trip report about paddling the Irrel Waterfalls (Germany) on Valentine's Day 1999. He called it "Falling in love with White Water". Falling in love with WW
Niels wrote this trip report about paddling the Upper Rur (Germany) in January 1999. It's one of my favourite runs in this part of Europe, and one which I have written a couple of trip reports about. Genneper Molen on the Upper Rur
Niels wrote this trip report about paddling the Upper Rur (Germany) in the snow, also in the winter of 1999. We tend to paddle every weekend in the winter, our prime paddling season in this part of the world. Snow, freezing temperatures and such are not an exception. Paddling in the snow
Niels wrote this trip report to show the way we tend to paddle, it was written in March 1999.
He talks about the (wide array) of signals that we use on the river, the way I encourage my paddling buddies to better themself on the water, our little rescue lessons and the way I tend to tease him every once in a while. (He's one of my best friends. :-) )
Niels wrote this trip report about this strange Dutch river called the "Zwembad" (Swimming Pool), where we tend to practise rolling about once a week in the winter months. Paddling on the "Zwembad"
Michiel Verhoef, a long time Dutch RBP'er wrote this trip report about a paddling trip to the Irrel Waterfalls that he did with me in September 1998. He called it "Not-even-close-to-Wilko-size trip report". :-) Not-even-close-to-Wilko-size trip report
Martin Buhr, a U.S. RBP'er who joined us for a trip in France in 1999, wrote this trip report about his first bad swim, in the Chateau Queyras gorge in France. It's a nice example of a situation where experienced paddlers can make the difference between a close call and a really bad swim. My first bad swim
Sheila Chapelle wrote this "Icebreaker attempt: a Wilko sized trip report about an almost non-trip". Nope, I'm not in it, but besides being a funny story, it shows how the term "Wilko Sized Trip Report" has been used in RBP Icebreaker attempt
Drew MacCallum wrote this story about Scott Bristow's memorial service in December 1998. It isn't about paddling a certain river, but about a paddling community remembering one of it's finest members. Scott's memorial service
Scott Bristow wrote this carnage filled trip report about his first run down the Green Narrows (U.S.). We had some lengthy discussions about this story on the Rec.Boats.Paddle newsgroup. Scott and I also had some deep private conversations about the risks and joy involved in paddling ever more difficult white water. Scott said that he learned a lot from this foolish attempt, therefore he called it his "Green Blunder" trip report. I think that it's one of the classic Scott Bristow carnage reports Scott's "Green Blunder"
After Scott got through all the carnage in his first Green Narrows trip, he went back later, and ran it with hand paddles. He still got trashed once, but he was getting a lot better paddler by then, and he also ran it at a saner level. Scott's handpaddling the Green Narrows
Scott and Joe Day went to paddle a tandem Nyami-Nyami kayak, and loved it. They ran several rivers together in it, but this Ocoee trip was their first. It greatly influenced my decision to buy a Topo-Duo and to start paddling tandem with my friend Niels. Nyami-Nyami

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