Wilko Sized Trip Reports in 2000

This was a year with several highs and lows. I paddled a playboat for the first time and had some great runs with it. The only day I paddled my faithful old Diablo, I had the worst swim of my paddling career, getting hurt.

I got to paddle in several countries for the first time (Spain, Switzerland), and had a great week long trip to the U.S., about which I only wrote about one day on the Upper Yough.

"Isn't life good?", Perlback creek and Rur river, Germany. 1st 2000 Trip Report
"You know, that's definately a playboater's smile!", Irrel waterfalls, Pruem river, Germany. 2nd 2000 Trip Report
"Too much rain in the Pyrinees?". Week trip to the Pyrinees, Spain.
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 3rd 2000 Trip Report
"Carnage in the Alps...", Switzerland, Austria and Germany. 4th 2000 Trip Report
Upper Yough river, U.S. 5th 2000 Trip Report
"Topo-Duo fun on the Nims!" Nims and Pruem rivers, Germany. 6th 2000 Trip Report
"The luxury of rolling!", Irrel Waterfalls, Pruem river, Germany. 7th 2000 Trip Report

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