Wilko Sized Trip Reports in 1998

This year started out rather well, with several daytrips and longer holidays that allowed me to write trip reports for the Rec.Boats.Paddle newsgroup.

Unfortunately this was also the year in which my friend Scott Bristow died while paddling. Except for the Big South Fork and Tellico trip report below, that dreadful month of December 1998 is described in the first of the 1999 trip reports.

Trip to Erft river, Germany. 1st '98 Trip Report
Trip to the Salm river, in the Belgian Ardennes. 2nd '98 Trip Report
Trip to the upper Rur, in Germany. 3rd '98 Trip Report
Trip on the Dutch El Rio Grande, paddling in a theme park, Netherlands. 4th '98 Trip Report
Trip on the Erft river with a newbie, Germany. 5th '98 Trip Report
"Looping" on the Dommel river, near Valkenswaard, Netherlands. 6th '98 Trip Report
A week of paddling in the area around the town of Guillestre, French Alps.
Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6 and 7 7th '98 Trip Report
Paddling in the North Sea surf near Katzand, Netherlands. 8th '98 Trip Report
Paddling on the Ourthe near Tilff, Belgium. 9th '98 Trip Report
Ocoee-type crowds on the Erft River, carnage abound, Germany. 10th '98 Trip Report
Bad playing at the Venbergse Watermill, Dommel river, Netherlands. 11th '98 Trip Report
Week trip to Landeck area, Austria.
Day 1 and 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6 and 7 12th '98 Trip Report
Paddling on the Ourthe river near Tilff, Belgium. 13th '98 Trip Report
Paddling on the Irrel Waterfalls with Michiel, Pruem river, Germany. 14th '98 Trip Report
Bloody carnage on the Upper Rur river, Germany. 15th '98 Trip Report
The Perlbach creek, Germany. 16th '98 Trip Report
Ten Little Indians (aka "Flood in Germany"), Upper Rur river, Germany. 17th '98 Trip Report
Paddling the Big South Fork river and Tellico creek, U.S.A.. 18th '97 Trip Report

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