Wilko Sized Trip Reports in 1997

This year I hadn't started writing for the Rec.Boats.Paddle newsgroup yet (Which I usually do in English), so all these trip reports are in the Dutch language only! They were written for the club newsletters of the two paddling clubs that I was a member of at the time, which forced me to keep them short. :-)

Trip to North Sea surf at Noordwijk, Netherlands. 1st '97 Trip Report
Trip to the lower Rur, in Germany. 2nd '97 Trip Report
Weekend to the Belgian Ardennes, trips on different forks of the Ourthe river. 3rd '97 Trip Report
Queen's day, the Dommel river, easy touring trip with lots of carnage, Netherlands. 4th '97 Trip Report
A week to the Verdon and Var rivers in Southern France. 5th '97 Trip Report
A weekend of North Sea surfing at the sea-side town of Katzand. 6th '97 Trip Report
A week of paddling around the town of Guillestre, France. 7th '97 Trip Report
Someone has driven a bulldozer into the Erft and destroyed all the rapids. 8th '97 Trip Report
For the first time to the Irrel Waterfalls, Pruem river, Germany. 9th '97 Trip Report
The Upper Rur river, Germany. 10th '97 Trip Report

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